3615A. Clear zip top bags. 6″x9″x2mm”. These bags have been chosen for their ability to rival any re-closable bag and offer savings. Our Zip Tops offer a surprising combination of clarity and quality without sacrificing the features you demand. Made of 100% virgin Low Densityolyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications (safe for food storage). BPA free. 1000 bags per case. IP 3615A.

What size bag to order? 
Measure your item by its width, height, and depth because the plastic bag needs to fit all the way around it. Item width + item depth = bag width. Item height + item depth = bag height. Add an extra 1/2″ to the bag width for the item to fit through the zipper opening.
How to use the bags? Re-closable bags are an essential organizing tool in any home, garage, office, retail store, warehouse or factory. In addition to food storage, you can package, ship or bag countless items like coins, pills, spices, jewelry, makeup, clothing, fashions, art prints, books or papers, collectibles, toys, game pieces, craft or scrapbooking supplies, merchandise for resale, electronics, tools, or hardware ensuring protection from dust, dirt, and moisture. Show us in your product review how you use your bags!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs