Suction Cups

IPA-840 IPA-840W IPA-688-E
Image of IPA840 Suction cupImage of IPA840w.Suction cupImage of IPA688e. Suction cup
Image of IPA124. Suction cupImage of IPA124a. Suction cupImage of IPA124c. Suction cup
Image of IPA472. Suction cupImage of IPA672-1. Suction cupImage of IPA1218. Suction cup
Image of IPA1258. Suction cupImage of IPA1233. Suction cupImage of IPA123. Suction cup
IPA-1867IPA-7201 (IPA-2293 with threaded hole-thru)
Image of IPA1867. Suction cupImage of IPA7201.IPA2293with threaded hole thru.Suction cup
Image of The little grabber. Suction cupOne-finger tool for lifting light objects or raising corners. Always ready. Leaves hand free for other work. Easy-release tabs.

No. IPA-52527: 2 5/8" Cup
No. IPA-1230-3: 2 1/8" Cup without release tabs.

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**Each series of part numbers represent different manufacturers and therefore charts may vary in the order that they present dimensions.